Buyer's Remorse


Mitzy Neuhaus had an easier time selling her condo before the mystery buyer "bought it" on her patio. Mitzy stumbled over the body and knew she had to get involved in the case—if only because the corpse was a dead ringer for herself.

At first it seemed like a clear case of mistaken identity and Mitzy feared the Mafia wasn’t done with her yet. But digging into the life of the dead buyer uncovered a peculiar little dress shop where nothing added up.

Can Mitzy untangle the mystery before she ends up with her own case of buyer's remorse?


Praise for Buyer's Remorse


As Traci Tyne Hilton develops the character of heroine, Mitzy Neuhouse, the series gets funnier. The jokes about "you must be the bad guy" look past the fourth wall and create tongue-in-cheek humor to keep the reader smiling while poking fun at character stereotypes.

--Amazon Review