Dirty Little Murder


College student and housekeeper Jane Adler dreams of being a missionary but the road there is littered with corpses. 

Jane found the most recent body floating in the hot tub at her newest client's house. The dead guy was a notorious flirt and carouser. Had his romantic shenanigans gotten him killed? 

Cleaning up a murder was bad enough, but Jane’s love life was a mess too. Usually absence makes the heart grow fonder, but her boyfriend Isaac’s overseas teaching job seems to be driving them apart. 

On top of it all she’s been hand selected by her church as a candidate for one of their few fully funded missionary support positions. But can she solve a murder, keep her boyfriend, and follow her dream all at the same time?


Praise for Dirty Little Murder


I fell in love with these books after reading Hilton's first Plain Jane book "Good, Clean, Murder", because it was good, clean, fun to read. Having been life-long Agatha Christie fan, it was easy to love Hilton's Jane books. They involve a setting, cast of characters, and elements of every day life that any American can relate to. Because of this they are very accessible, and Jane is a very endearing character. Having found her client dead in his hot tub, it is Jane's intention to find his killer. Jane's adventures are pure but accessible escapism. Have fun with Jane.--Amazon Review

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