Eminent Domain


Mitzy Neuhaus is dying to get back to business as usual, but The Worst Economy Since The Great Depression has just about killed home sales in Portland.

With all her resources tied up in the inn she and her fiance are opening, she doesn't have a spare dollar, or minute, for her true love: selling houses.

When the excessive interest of the FBI, city planners, and possibly organized crime, threaten to derail Mitzy's business plans, her life goes from crazy to downright deadly.


Praise for Eminent Domain

The addictively entertaining Eminent Domain picks up where the first Mitzy Neuhaus novel left us - in the property where Mitzy and Alonso found the jewels. Hilton skilfully interweaves different plot strands involving property conversion, the FBI and a romance among other things ... I was surprised at how moved I was by aspects of the ending. But it is a testament to this addictive and enjoyable book that I found myself yearning for the next Mitzy installment.  --A. S. Anand, author of The Ebook Murders