Hard to Find


Isaac Daniels' Sequel to Bright, New Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery! 

Isaac Daniels screwed up his romance with Jane Adler, and then a few more. Starting over at a Bible School in Sweden probably wasn't the best idea. Especially when he manages to lose the pretty girl with the big green eyes, her crazy sister, and his boss’s diabetic nephew.
If he can find the missing students, he can probably keep his job, but the real risk in this hunt is losing his heart.

Nineteen-year old Dani Honeywell wants to stop her crazy sister from eloping with the stranger she met on the train. Dani would love to have Isaac’s company on her cross-Europe hunt, but if she has to go it alone, she will—and she won’t let Isaac stop her. 

Hard to Find is a cozy and romantic mystery told from the point of view of Professor Isaac Daniels, the popular male lead from Hilton’s Good, Clean Murder, and Dani Honeywell, his new love interest, an impulsive 19 year old unschooled girl, ready to conquer the world. 


Praise for Hard to Find


Traci once again gives us adventure and fun as she reintroduces a favorite character, Isaac from a previous series. Still reeling from romantic mishaps, Isaac takes a job at a Swedish Bible School and finds himself once again attracted to a lovely young lady who is off limits because she is his student. You will enjoy a wild ride throughout Europe with this duo as they search for her sister and begin to discover each other.--Amazon Review

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