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Coming Fall 2021!

The Deadly Affair in

Displaced aristocrat Birdie would rather die than say no to a friend. But solving this murder might just get her killed.


Birdie Idlebrick, daughter of the fourth Earl of St. Chad, has never said no to a friend in need. Even now she’s trying to catch a straying husband en flagrante. But spying takes a dangerous turn when she stumbles over a corpse.


Solving crime isn’t easy in a small American town full of superstitious elders and overprotective men. Throw in Birdie’s stress-induced auditory hallucinations, and you have a recipe for trouble. Thankfully, when she thinks she hears her cat talking, he only has useful things to say.


But despite a helpful cat, a love-bitten chaplain, and a ridiculously handsome detective, Birdie’s good but impulsive heart draws her straight into the lion’s den.


Can Birdie catch a violent killer before it’s off with her head?


The Deadly Affair in Petit-Paris, the first cozy in The Lady and Her Cat Mystery Series, is a hilarious romp. If you like mysteries that keep you turning the pages, you’ll love The Deadly Affair!

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