Our Furry Friends

My life would be bereft without my pets. I love my kids and my husband and parents and brother, sure, but when I went away to the ACFW conference the first time, it was my Dr. Watson's silky ears I missed first. And you know who else I love? Your pets. :D I am one of those people who will beg you to let the pet join the party, sorry in advance! So, once a month, as I mentioned in the newsletter, I want to brag about our pets--yours and mine. Today, I start with these beauties--and when I say beauties, I mean it! Look at those glorious babies!

Sharon was gracious enough to share both their beautiful pictures and a little about them. I'll let her speak for them!

The oldest at 12, is my son's cat, Nova. He's a laid back gentleman of a cat. Lady Jorj is 4 and considers herself the guardian of the house. Then there's one year old Sugar. She is love wrapped in silk. They are all rescues with tales to tell. The last two belong to my son's fiance who will be living with us soon. A real houseful for someone who grew up believing cats were vermin and should be exterminated. I learned better after my husband brought home a kitten in need of mothering in 1976. I haven't been the same since.

Thank you so much, Sharon! What about you guys, tell me about your furry friends--or send me pics and I will share them with everyone! Blessings, Traci

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