Running Themes

Me, thinking about exercise.

Stubborn young people fighting their destiny.

Corrupting influence of cult practices.

Surprising romances.



With something like 17 books under my belt it isn't hard to see some running themes in them...issues that spark my interest, grab my attention, issues I want to spend time exploring.

I am totally cool with running themes.

I am not at all interested in running! [photo: me, thinking about running.] Or any other exercise, for that matter.

I want to settle into a nice, ergonomic workspace and research. And write. And utilize the wonders of social media.

I want to settle into a nice sofa with a good book and a cup of coffee, or a soft bathrobe and a good show on TV. While those things are great for my writing, and wonderful for my entertainment, they are not helping me live my healthiest life as I inch towards 4o! But I'm not about to start blogging my fitness makeover or anything like that. I'm just walking the dog more and listening to audio books. Good mysteries that entertain me and keep me involved in my genre.

And yet, as I am inching closer to 4o {Jan. 11th!} , I can't rely on dog-walking alone to make 4o the new 29. So when I read this article: Science Says 1 Minute of This Kind of Exercise May Equal 45 Minutes of Jogging my mind was blown, my world was changed, and I made a new resolution!

Read it to believe it, but my summary is this: work harder, not longer, and, um, don't even work that long at all, actually. And that's what I'll be doing--in addition to the adult ballet class I just signed up for. Don't know about you, but leggings and leos and that big mirror motivate me to do the other stuff midweek better than anything else. But that was it. This isn't the start of a "follow my journey!" complete with before and after pics. Its just me, sharing the amazing new news about the extraordinary power of not-that-much exercise. Here's the only trouble: I did my intervals this morning, it didn't kill me, and now I'm all full of energy and want to do something active instead of sitting here and writing a book. Whoops!

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