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Assault and Batting

Too many suspects are hiding under the covers. Can she blanket the culprit before they stitch up more victims?


Taylor Quinn is full of love and living it up in the city. But when her mother dies suspiciously and she rushes home to take over the family’s small-town quilt shop, her whole world unravels. Discovering her grieving young sister blames herself, she vows to prove everyone’s innocence.


In way over her head, Taylor’s investigation pulls a thread of quirky suspects, a tight knot of envy, and a patchwork of gossip. But as she weaves the evidence together, she unwittingly reels in the killer’s attention…


Can Taylor sew up the case before everything comes apart at the seams?


Assault and Batting is the first book in the delightful Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop cozy mystery series. If you like classic puzzles, poignant family relationships and heartwarming surprises, then you’ll love Tess Rothery’s humorous tale.


Praise for Tess Rothery and The Taylor Quinn Quilt Shop Mysteries

“Quilters and cozy lovers are going to absolutely love the series. Even non-quilters who like cozies will find this extremely enjoyable. The author has created an interesting world and it makes me want to visit the little community and the shops on the Main Street. Recommend.”

--Bobbi Holmes, Author of Haunting Danielle

Bound and Deceased

Taylor Quinn thought she was done with murder.

She’s gotten comfortable running Flour Sax Quilt Shop. The slow and steady pace of her new life suits her just fine, especially since she has so much quality time with her Grandpa Ernie. And there’s no shortage of single men who might someday replace her ex-boyfriend, either.

But when her new friend Sissy’s favorite aunt dies under mysterious circumstances, Taylor jumps in to help.

The deceased, a celebrated quilter and newlywed, might have been killed for her money, but then again, it could have been plain old romantic jealousy.

With no shortage of suspects or motives, Taylor has her work cut out for her. She's dying to piece this crime together--after all, Comfort, Oregon is a small town. One murderer loose could kill the new life she's started to build for herself.

If you liked the real struggles and relatable characters in Assault and Batting, don’t miss the heartfelt sequel, Bound and Deceased.

Cups and Killers

Everybody keeps saying it’s time to send Grandpa Ernie to an old folks home, but Taylor Quinn isn’t sure she agrees.

As Grandpa says, “Everyone who moves there dies.”

And since the latest death at Bible Creek Care Home was the chaplain who was stabbed in the back during the annual resident tea party, Taylor is beginning to believe her grandpa.

One of the waitstaff thinks she saw the murderer and turns to the only person she knows can help: Taylor Quinn, Comfort, Oregon’s favorite amateur detective.

While Taylor isn’t sure she’s the right one to solve every murder, she’s ready to help. After all, Comfort is a small town, and townies take care of each other.

Dutch Hex

Pieces of this mystery are scattered everywhere but Taylor Quinn thinks she sees a pattern...

Two years after the tragic death of her mother, Taylor is living her best life. She’s got a steady boyfriend, stable business, and the coup of hosting a hugely popular quilt expo in her small town.

If that weren’t enough good news, outtakes of her mom’s old YouTube show have exploded online, bringing fame and money to everyone involved.

Things are literally perfect until the quilt expo’s keynote speaker fails to show up for her morning class. It appears the young woman died of a tragic allergic reaction—but looks can be deceiving.

Since murder has a way of killing business, Taylor is willing to do anything to make her town safe. But a tangle of troubled teens, amateur detectives, and haunting clips of her dead mom have her tied up in knots. This might be the murder that makes her pack it all in for good.

Emperor's New Quilt

Some quilts aren’t what they seem.

After the tragic events at Cascadia Quilt Expo, Taylor Quinn was ready for happier dreams, like romance. But a rather special quilt had been left behind and she’s tied up in finding it’s owner.

The quilt in question is a candidate for oldest surviving quilt built in Oregon. Comfort Flour Mill Museum is thrilled to take care of this special artifact while trying to find its owner, but Taylor Quinn has significant doubts.

When the history podcaster who comes to investigate the claims of the quilt ends up dead, Taylor knows she’s right—and in serious danger.

Fruit Basket Upset Coming January 2021

Quilt shop owner Taylor Quinn has to dig deep to solve the murder at her grandparent’s strawberry farm.

Kindergarten day at the Quinn Family Strawberry Farm is a treasured tradition in Comfort, Oregon. The whole town always pitches in to make sure the children have a delicious introduction to the life of a family farmer.

With everyone working together, Taylor and her family are sure the day will be a success. Too bad someone thought the bright spring day was ripe for murder. When everyone’s favorite kindergarten teacher’s body is found in the field, the dream day quickly turns into a nightmare.

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